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FontArk is an innovative browser-based font editor, font creator (BETA), featuring the most versatile real-time multiple glyph editing system.


  • FULL Real-time multiple character editing tools
  • Automatic Outline generator
  • Built in Fluid grid system
  • Cutting off 90% of the dull technical type design work
  • Browser-based. No download, No installation, Any OS
  • One click font generation & download
  • 100% FREE - For a limited time!


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Type design fundamentals #010

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Taking type design to a completely new level with

A full font editor boosted with unique most powerful type design tools

Built on the latest WEB technologies Fontark is made to run in your browser.


Draw easily

Think structurally.

Drawing characters with Fontark font editor is as easy as can be. Built over a fluid grid (the Matrix), a sophisticates glyphs synchronization system (The SX system) and an automatic Outline generator all you have to do in order to create your font is draw the center line (Skeleton) of the characters, all the rest can and will be tweaked easily later on. Never struggle to create grids, parallel outline curves and be bothered with the right thickness of the font.

Extensive time saver
Synchronized Fluid grid (Matrix)
Full control over character connectivity
Automatic Outline generation
No coding. No parameters

Font editor font creator drawing gif

fontark font editor font creator synchronizing characters gif

Connecting glyphs!

People are connected, Now do characters as well…

Once the characters are drawn and connected, the FUN part starts. Control, modify and tweak the entire character set at once while chosen character parts correspond in sync. Modify a group of characters when needed or a single character with the uncompromising flexibility of Fontark platform. Change your font weight, proportions, curves and any subtle detail fast and smooth like never before.

Real-time multiple character editing!
Smooth and intuitive control
Maximum flexibility
Designer oriented – minimum technical complexity


Extended Outline editing

Don’t stop at the Skeleton level

A set of advance Outline editing tools enables a one of it’s kind synchronized outline editing, within the Skeleton layer! the options are almost unlimited. watch this! (A must!). In case the limits of Fontark online font creator’s advance tools reached, get in details in the Outline layer. Fontark font editor enable any outline editing such as serifs and varied Outline width just like any vector editor.

Amazing Advance Outline editing tools
Full Outline control in the Outline layer
Independent in-browser SVG vector editor

online font editor font creator outline editing

Free fonts and web-fonts made with FontArk

FreeFonts4all logo

font ark font creator font editor logotype mode

Logotype mode

When only a Logotype is in need get in Logotype-mode and use Fontark font editor’s fluid grid, Sx system and advanced features to easily create your desired logotype with linked and or individual control over the logotype characters. Your logotype characters will be stored in the ABCDEFG… characters of the downloaded font file.

fontark font editor font creator icon mode

Icon mode

Use Fontark font creator advanced tools to create and design Icon fonts. Draw your icons directly into the Outline layer or use the Single outline mode in the Skeleton layer and take advantage of the dynamic controls and glyphs synchronization even when creating icons.

fontark font editor font creator dynamic preview

Dynamic preview

At any stage of the typeface design open the dynamic preview window to watch and test your typeface in action as text in dummy text paragraphs or free typed text.

fontark font editor font creator ready made templates

Ready made templates

Start a new typeface design from scratches or chose one of FontArk font editor’s growing structural ready made templates collection to save time and start tweaking the template to get the desired look.

FontArk Guide


First steps with FontArk

This short video will guide you through FontArk basics.

FontArk is very simple, yet it has some unique and unparalleled features to enable the most flexible real-time-synchronized-multiple-character-editing and make type design fast and smooth like never before.

Watch this video to understand FontArk’s basic operations and give it a try.


Type design fundamentals

The Fontark way.


Characters width

Learn and practice balancing the width of a font’s characters easily by using Fontark’s templates.



Without proper spacing your font will never look good. Learn and practice spacing your font’s glyphs with this tutorial.


Optical corrections #1

Type needs special treatments to look great, Learn and practice the fundamental optical corrections – Part 1.


Optical corrections #2

Type needs special treatments to look great, Learn and practice the fundamental optical corrections – Part 2.




  • Google Chrome or Safari browsers support only.
  • Min screen resolution 1280×600 dpi
  • Wide screen recommended


  • Open, Save, Save as
  • Preview, Generate font
  • Undo – Redo
  • Grid
  • Snap to Grid, Matrix, SmartX
  • Pan
  • Zoom
  • Preset views: Fit, 100% scale, Full screen, Full screen work area
  • Lock glyphs
  • Watermark (for locally installed fonts or web fonts)
  • Cursor coordinates

Vector path editing

  • Move, Scale, Rotate
  • Clone, Copy, Cut, Paste
  • Segment types – Straight, Curve
  • Add/Delete Node
  • Control points(Handles) Linked, Unlinked, freezed
  • Open/Close path
  • Cap style – Butt, Square, Round, Horizontal/Vertical
  • Line-join styles – Bevel, Round, Horizontal/Vertical, None
  • Keyboard nudging
  • Multiple Nodes select/Move
  • Align/Distribute Nodes


  • OTF font

Outline modes

  • Regular mode – Double outline
  • Icon mode – Single outline
  • Fixed character size – increase/decrease outline width while characters size remain the same.
  • Absolute mode – Apply the same outline width to all selected glyphs
  • Relative mode – Increase/decrease outline width relatively to all selected glyphs
  • Fill – Black/Semitransparent

Languages support

  • Basic – Latin (Capital, Lowercase, Digits, Punctation)
  • Hebrew – Letters
  • Latin -1 (Unicode Latin-1 supplement table covering the French, German, Spanish, Icelandic and Vietnamese scripts.)
  • Latin – Pro (A combination of the Latin-Extended-A Unicode block and additional advanced typography characters suited for commercial multilingual fonts, covering the following scripts: Afrikaans, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Faroese, Finnish, Gaelic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Javanese(Latin), Malay(Latin), Norwegian, Portuguese, Sami(Southern), Swahili, Swedish and Walloon. Including also important mathematical operators, dashes, currencies and special punctuation.)
  • Full Unicode character table support – Manually add any desired character by typing it’s Unicode code into the Add glyph input.

Advanced font editing

  • Built-in Skeleton + automatic Outline system
  • SmartX system – In-glyph real time connectivity
  • Matrix – Fluid grid
  • Multiple glyph select
  • 25 Letter groups memory slots
  • Dynamic preview
  • 15 structural Basic-Latin templates
  • 5 structural Hebrew templates

Matrix tools

  • 3×3 to 7×7 Matrix range
  • Per glyph Advance control
  • Independent Ascender, Descender Matrix lines to lowercase characters
  • Compare Matrix
  • Distribute Matrix lines vertically/horizontally

SmartX tools

  • Move SX
  • Detach SX
  • Reset SX position

Accented Latin characters automation

Undergoing development

Barely the beginning

Fontark font editor font creator development is just shifting to second gear. After forming the infrastructure and core features we’re moving fast to the next level of development with sparkling ideas and planned features, while keep polishing and refining the existing features the best of Fontark font editor is yet to come!

font creator font editor undergoing development

And much more…


Fontark featuresFEATURES

  • Built-in Skeleton + automatic Outline generator
  • SmartX system – In-glyph real time connectivity
  • Matrix – Fluid grid
  • Automated accented Latin characters
  • Multiple glyph select/edit
  • Dynamic Preview at any stage of the design
  • Font, Logotype, Icon-font modes
  • OTF font output – one click download, no conversions or extra tools needed
  • 380 characters support + manually add any of the Unicode character table
  • Full exclusive designer copyrights

Full feature list

Quick step by step guide to get you started.

Learn about the unique, easy FontArk workflow, in order to make the most of the unique capabilities that FontArk font-editor offers you. You will reap the rewards in time saving.


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FontArk font-editor synchronizes the design of all the font’s Glyphs – a set of simple tools to enable easy and intuitive control over the character set in real-time. Controlling over 50 characters is complex, but we make it simple for you. Watch our short tutorials to help you understand the basic operations of FontArk online font-editor.