Online type design with Russell McGorman – 1

Online type design course

14 Sept – 16 Oct

With Russell McGorman and Ofir Shavit

Designing a type-face and making a font of it is a complex task, demanding both talent and knowledge. In a first of it’s kind online course we will teach you the type design fundamentals, practically, professionally and in a flexible time frame, with advanced tools and well experienced instructors.

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Who is this course for?

This course is oriented first and foremost for graphic designers who are passionate about typography and type design and who would like to gain expertise in creating good fonts, in a concentrated format – from any location of their choosing!

This course’s has been designed with the objective of leading students through the font design process and will ensure they acquire the knowledge required to create a functioning font; and that’s a lot!

Requirements for participation are experience in working with vector design tools (Bezier curves) as well as basic knowledge of typography.

About the course


This four-week course will start September 1 and end September 30. We will lead you step by step, from characterization and concept development to a complete, functioning font. Daily interaction with the instructors will provide direct instruction as well as the opportunity to benefit from studying in a group.


In order to make this course accessible to anyone enthusiastic about type, this course will be conducted on the most flexible platform – Facebook! When the course opens we will create an exclusive, closed Facebook group to which subscribers will be invited to join. Upon commencement of the course, the first task and instructions will be uploaded to the group. Students will then follow along and upload their projects to receive feedback and personal instructions. This special course design formula will enable anyone to take part according to their schedule.


The main software for the course will be FontArk, a sophisticated browser based type design software oriented for graphic designers, and built for a fast and simple type design process. FontArk is free and does not require download or installation, it works directly in the browser. A personal screen-sharing-based instruction will be given to each subscriber in the first week of the course.


Week 1

The first week’s focus is on characterizing the font and concept development. As with any good design, an   effective font solves a problem and/or answers a need. Most of the course’s first week will be dedicated to these aspects and the acquisition of type design theory, foundations and terminology.


Week 2

During second week we will begin building the font with attention to  proportions, weight and overall balance of characters across the entire typeface. Students will learn about the inner mechanics of type, which characters should create harmony in any possible combination, while at the same time reflecting the character and intent of each student’s font.


Week 3

Having achieved the basis of a good font by the end of the previous week, in the third week we will zero in on the details. We will learn and practice the subtle but essential nuances that distinguish a good font… contrast, optical corrections, sizes, ink traps and details that enhance the font and fit it to the intended use.

Week 4

The last week of the course will be dedicated to creating a font family. The fonts will be tested in thin and heavy weights and adjusted accordingly. Finally, we will teach you about font production the   nomenclature system and how to troubleshooting issues that can arise in the process.

In order to make the best of the course, participants are encouraged to actively participate and to dedicate few hours a day, ideally every day, in order to acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to design type.

The instructors

Russell McGorman

Over 30 years of experience in the design business, working with corporate identities, typography, environmental design, way-finding, retail signage, project management and custom type design.

Ofir Shavit

Interdisciplinary designer, FontArk’s co-founder and product manager. Possesses a rich 2D, 3D and web design experience. Type design methodology innovator.



Including a lot of love for design, type design, in a professional atmosphere and in your free time.

Refund policy - up until the end of week 1, subscribers will be able to cancel their participation and receive 80$ refund.

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About FontArk is an innovative type-design software based on a simple and versatile engine that enables multiple glyphs real-time editing. Properly used, this engine saves hours and days of tedious type design work and let you focus on the design aspects of your type rather than the technical.