Slanting a font – Basic principles


We’re frequently asked if it’s possible to make slanted fonts with FontArk and how can it be done?

The answer is yes…. Very easily!

This short clip demonstrate the basic principles of slanting a complete set of characters at once.

1. Select all the characters
2. Switch to Edit SmartX tool
3. Select each SX row and move the SXs to the right or left (Use arrow keys)
4. Select and move the rest of the SXs rows to form a parallelogram.

Important notes:
- Start with the upper SXs row
- Move the SXs on a character with a vertical line (B,H,L K, etc’) for easy SX diagonal rows alignment.

In case of rounded fonts you’ll have to adjust the handles of the curves to be parallel to the slant slope.

And yes, we plan to release a special slanting feature soon, to make the process even simpler.