We’re very happy to introduce you with FontArk’s new features and updates


NEW FEATURE Cap and Line-join modes

FontArk’s automatic outline is now equipped with four Cap and Line-join modes to enable easy edges and corners styling for the entire glyphs set.


New Cap and LineJoin anim

Notice the edges(Caps) and corners(Line-joins) of the shape changes with mode switch.


NEW FEATURE Ascender & Descender Matrix lines for lowercase letters

A significant improvement to the Matrix system was made by adding Ascender and Descender lines uniquely to the lower case letters. Now the basic Marix of the Upper case letters and Digits is equivalent to the center (X- height) of the Lower case letters while the ascending and descending lines can be hooked to the new Matrix lines and make the synchronization of the upper case and lower case letters much easier and intuitive.

New Cap and LineJoin anim

The new lines are in addition to the basic Matrix lines and can be controlled autonomically.


New templates 

Say hi to Flint, Egyptian oval and a bunch of new structural font templates that was added recently to our templates collection and can be used for fonts and logotypes creation. All the other templates were improved ad refined as well! Important – FontArk’s templates are NOT “ready made” fonts! They are basic glyph structures and need to be tweaked and adjusted in order to have a fine font qualities and are mostly there to save you the time of building the whole font’s skeleton and get you into the styling faster. The best Font structure for you will probably be one that you’ve made from scratches.

New Cap and LineJoin anim

Flint and Egyptian oval are slabs serif fonts with endless customization options to be found when opening a new project.


Other improvements

SX snap accuracy was improved and is now calibrated in all zoom levels. Unexpected SX detachments issues were fixed. Generating font issues were taken care of as well and FontArk’s font output is now OTF (instead of TTF) and the downloaded fonts are with much better quality.


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