• Google Chrome or Safari browsers support only.
  • Min screen resolution 1280×600 dpi
  • Wide screen recommended


  • Open, Save, Save as
  • Preview, Generate font
  • Undo – Redo
  • Grid
  • Snap to Grid, Matrix, SmartX
  • Pan
  • Zoom
  • Preset views: Fit, 100% scale, Full screen, Full screen work area
  • Lock glyphs
  • Watermark (for locally installed fonts or web fonts)
  • Cursor coordinates

Vector path editing

  • Move, Scale, Rotate
  • Clone, Copy, Cut, Paste
  • Segment types – Straight, Curve
  • Add/Delete Node
  • Control points(Handles) Linked, Unlinked, freezed
  • Open/Close path
  • Cap style – Butt, Square, Round, Horizontal/Vertical
  • Line-join styles – Bevel, Round, Horizontal/Vertical, None
  • Keyboard nudging
  • Multiple Nodes select/Move
  • Align/Distribute Nodes


  • OTF font

Outline modes

  • Regular mode – Double outline
  • Icon mode – Single outline
  • Fixed character size – increase/decrease outline width while characters size remain the same.
  • Absolute mode – Apply the same outline width to all selected glyphs
  • Relative mode – Increase/decrease outline width relatively to all selected glyphs
  • Fill – Black/Semitransparent

Languages support

  • Basic – Latin (Capital, Lowercase, Digits, Punctation)
  • Hebrew – Letters
  • Latin -1 (Unicode Latin-1 supplement table covering the French, German, Spanish, Icelandic and Vietnamese scripts.)
  • Latin – Pro (A combination of the Latin-Extended-A Unicode block and additional advanced typography characters suited for commercial multilingual fonts, covering the following scripts:
    Afrikaans, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Faroese, Finnish, Gaelic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Javanese(Latin), Malay(Latin), Norwegian, Portuguese, Sami(Southern), Swahili, Swedish and Walloon. Including also important mathematical operators, dashes, currencies and special punctuation.)
  • Full Unicode character table support – Manually add any desired character by typing it’s Unicode code into the Add glyph input.

Advanced font editing

  • Built-in Skeleton + automatic Outline system
  • SmartX system – In-glyph real time connectivity
  • Matrix – Cross glyphs fluid grid
  • Multiple glyph select
  • 25 Letter groups memory slots
  • Dynamic preview
  • 15 structural Basic-Latin templates
  • 5 structural Hebrew templates

Matrix tools

  • 3×3 to 7×7 Matrix range
  • Per glyph Advance control
  • Independent Ascender, Descender Matrix lines to lowercase characters
  • Compare Matrix
  • Distribute Matrix lines vertically/horizontally

SmartX tools

  • Move SX
  • Detach SX
  • Reset SX position

Accented Latin characters automation


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