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    Hi! 🙂

    Is there a way to add multiple new Unicode characters at once or do I have to enter each code point separately? I would like to work on about 400 glyphs in the Private Use Zone, so this would save me quite some time… 😉

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    Hi Shivallon!

    You can add at once the Latin-1 and Latin-pro glyphs sets, besides that at the moment you have to add any other characters one by one. Working on about 400 glyphs might be “risky” for the browser’s performances, consider seperating such large fonts to two separated projects.

    Here’s the what and how…

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    Okay, thanks! I added them manually now, it didn’t even take that long and my browser performs perfectly fine on the 400 characters. 🙂

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    Terrific! 🙂

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