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    Hi! I am trying out FontArk for the first time. I like the idea of working from a skeleton as a starting point for a font project, and it’s very useful to be able to test the tool for free in its initial stages. Well done for the initiative!

    I was wondering whether you have (or plan to have) a feature where you are able to apply different “writing tools” to the skeleton: if you can apply a broad-nib type of tool, for example, where you could set the angle, you would get differences in contrast in the stems automatically, and that might be very helpful.

    Another useful feature, though it’s possibly more complicated, would be to be able to program some sort of “pressure” into the writing tool. For instance, you could decide that the maximum pressure occurs at 100% at the beginning of the path, and 70% at the end of the path, so you could have an automatic changing in thickness that emulates handwriting…

    Do you guys have these features where I couldn’t find them? Or is it on the plans? That is not done successfully by Fontlab and Glyphs (not that I know of, at least), and illustrator can apply brushes, but not the pressure (unless you write with a graphic tablet). Having a tool that could to that would be extremely useful in projects that use handwriting as a model.

    Please let me know if my questions were not clear.

    Thanks in advance for the support,

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    Hi Luisa!

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    Yes, we do plan to release in near future updates advanced outline features such as calligraphy tools (tip shapes that will run over the Skeleton) and controlled outline width, as well as other useful Outline features.

    We’ll publish the release of these features in our newsletter and Facebook page.

    Are you doing well with the SmartX system?

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