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    I can not download my only font, called Krypt. The site say FILE NOT FOUND. I worked hard to make it perfect. I have tried everything that I have found here. My English is not so good so I might have done something wrong. I appreciate if you can take a look and help me.
    Thank you for your time!

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    It seems that there might be a problem with the name you gave to the project. The name you gave the project includes an Hyphen (krypy-1), this may caused the problem.
    Please start a new project and name it: krypt2
    (no Hyphen, no space and nothing other than Latin letters and numbers)
    Tell me when you’ve saved the new project in this name and I’ll try to shift your font into the new project
    You will see the font after you’ll reload krypt2.

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    Thank you for the help. I have saved a new project in the name krypt22 (my friend told me to do so). I hope this will work 🙂
    Best wishes GPL.

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      Ok, I have changed the files, please try to reload krypt22 now
      Tell me if the previous version loads?

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