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     Jayse Hansen 

    Hey guys! This feature works great on my mac/chrome, but on windows/chrome it does not. Any thoughts?

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    Hi Jayse, it should work as well on Windows too.

    Can you describe what happens when you try launching Fontark on Windows?

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     Jayse Hansen 

    Hey there! It launches fine and everything seems the same as on mac – I try accessing fonts via typing its name in the font field after selecting ‘custom’ – but it doesn’t show up. On my mac it immediately changes the watermark font. I’ve tried a few times but nothing seems to work.

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    You have to type the font’s Family-name, not the font name.
    To know the font’s family name you can look into Photoshop.
    The thing is, the family may have several “members” (i.e. regular, bold, italic etc’) and we don’t have a way to define which one will show up in Fontark when you type the Family-name, so in this case you you need a certain style/weight to show up you’ll have to uninstall all the other family members :S, but that’s another problem, we need to be able to display any one of the family first.
    I suggest to connect to you and have a screen sharing session, in which you could ask all your questions and show me the problems and I’ll help you on the spot and show you how tos. Send me here a message and we’ll schedule one. It will save you a lot of time!

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