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    Hello again. Here’s a unique problem for you. My completed fonts, titled Illuminalphabet_2 and Illuminalphabet_Deconstructed, are having some issues with Photoshop. Everything looks great otherwise. They work fine in the Preview window and in my word processing program (WPS). But for some reason they show up as invisible in Photoshop. They are definitely there, because when I highlight the spaces where I typed and switch to another font, whatever I typed shows up normally.

    Granted, I have a pretty old version of PS–it is the original Photoshop 7, which is positively antique by software standards, but I can’t afford to upgrade right now and this version has served me well thus far. And I’ve downloaded plenty of free fonts–all worked fine with PS 7, but mine do not. The only thing I can figure is that this old version of PS isn’t compatible with Open Type fonts. I generally only save True Type fonts, but even when I have saved OT fonts my computer seems to convert them to TT automatically. But it didn’t seem do that with these for some reason.

    The thing is, the whole reason I wanted to create my own fonts was to use them in my graphic design work. It’s nice to see them in WPS but if they don’t work in PS 7 it’s rather pointless for me to put the time and effort into creating them (I mean, other than just having some cool fonts that I can claim as my own). So… anyone have any suggestions here? Any help would be appreciated.

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    So, it’s definitely not the fact that it’s OT rather than TT. I experimented with several OT fonts and they all work fine. I confess, I don’t really understand the tech behind fonts yet. I’ve been doing graphic design for years, but I’ve always created lettering from scratch in PS if I needed it. This is my first foray into font-making.

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    Sorry for the trouble, it sould be working with any software.
    It should be some inner font configuration,
    Send the fonts to and I’ll check it and send it back to you fixed, hopefully.

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    Will do, thanks!

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    Problem has been resolved. Thank you so much!

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