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    Hi, I tried multiple times to download the font I’ve been working on, but each and every time I get ‘File could not be found’ message after going through all the steps. Could you help me with this?

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    Hi… we’re checking it up
    will let you know what’s the problem asap!

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    OK, you should now be able to PREVIEW and Download your font.

    The problem was an invalid glyph that was somehow added to your glyphs set, we’ll prevent it from happening in the future, thanks for reporting it!

    Let me know if it works fine now and if I can help with any other issue!

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    In the past hour or so, I tried to open the project a few times but always get “(011) Currently we are not able to load the project”…

    so haven’t been able to see if the preview/download is working either

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    We’ll be able to check it out in 5 hours from now, sorry for the trouble!

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    Please try again now.

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    Working! Thank you so much!

    Last question: accents like ˜ˆ´` work by themselves, but if applied to accented letters like ñ â é è they change to whatever default font there is. This happens in the preview and downloaded file as well.
    Am I doing something wrong in my settings?

    Thanks again!

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    You’re welcome!

    I’ve checked your Hermes project and see that you didn’t add any of the extended Latin character sets (Latin-1 and Latin-pro)!
    By default only the Basic-Latin character set is loaded (with only the diacritics), in order to add the accented characters and apply the diacritics to them please watch this tutorial (you can find it in the The basics page in our tutorials section)… You’ll love how simple it is!

    Please make some more copied of your project, and make more along the way just in case something goes wrong and to prevent loss of a lot work.

    let me know if it works for you with the accented characters and if you need any further assist!


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    Thanks so so much!
    Will do that!

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    Let me know if you need anything anytime!

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