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    Hey guys.

    Today I tried to download my font, but I get this message “The file could not be found” (
    and now I can’t open my proyect.

    Can you please help me?


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    We checked your reported issue and couldn’t find any problem with your project. You should be able to find your project when you load FontArk.

    Please notice…
    1. You must open the tool (FontArk software) only by clicking on the green “Start FontArk” button in the homepage. the url in the tool’s window is temporary and can be used only once.
    2. Provided that you’re logged-in, the list of your projects should appear when you open the tool, you can select one of your projects from this list to continu editind any of the existing projects.
    3. Inorder to download your font you should open your project in the tool and click the “Generate” button (above the work area), when your font is redy a download dialog will appeare with a download button, clicking on it will download your font to your “Downloads” folder.

    Please try the following after restarting your browser
    If you still can’t find/download your font please let us know!

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    Thank you for your reply. I still can’t open my project, the name is Space_Tech.

    Here is an image so you can look at the message.

    Thank you!

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    After checking your project we found a character with an undefined Unicode value, that pobably caused the problem. We removed that character and you should be able to open/load your project now.

    Please try to see which glyph is missing and if you can tell us what is it’s Unicode value so we could check it out.


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    Hi guys,

    The character with an undefined Unicode value was the problem. I can open my project and download my font now.

    Thank you so much!

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    You’re most welcome!

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