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    Hey! Is there any chance to enable the automation? For the font I wanna create I really need to draw the “basic” Latin characters under the diacritic in a different size than the “normal” characters. You know, the whole font – also those glyphs with diacritic – should be the same hight in the end, with all additions. Would be great!

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    Hi, if I understood you right you wish to disable the diacritic automation (?)
    Unfortunately this is impossible.
    The other options to achieve your desired result are:
    1 – Finish the design in Fontark with the regular letters size, then modify it in a regular font editor (like Fontforge)
    2 – create 2 projects in Fontark… A- with the regular size. B- with reduced size. (I can duplicate project A for you when you’re done with it so you dont have to start project B from scratches), then merge the fonts with a font editor.

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    Yep, you understood correctly. Well, that’s a bit alternative but seems to be a good way. Didn’t know that it’s possible to merge two fonts. Thanks for this advice!

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