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    I’ve been trying FontArk for a couple of hours, but I can’t download my creation. When I click “Preview”, I got error 105, and when I try to download it, the project is saved but I get error 35… What’s wrong ?

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    Hi, sorry for the trouble,
    Do you still have this problem after relaunching Fontark in a fresh browser?

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    Hi, sorry for the late answer, I couldn’t use my laptop. I just tried launching Fontark in Chrome and also in Edge, but I still get the exact same errors.

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    There might be some problem with your project,
    What is your project’s name? I will check it out.
    Please also try to preview another project (either start a new one or use a previous one) to see if the preview is not loading only to the current project?

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    Yes, it must be due to something in my project … while I was looking for the name of my project, I noticed the “&” in it, and when I removed it, the preview worked ! Maybe I shouldn’t have used special characters in my project’s name.
    Thank you anyway !

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    Yes, that’s it.
    Only Latin letters, and numbers for the project names, no spaces or other special signs.

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