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    When I try to download my Super-Awesome font that I have been working on for days, I click the big Blue Download Button and it give me a 404 - File not Found error. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help/support you can provide!

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    Hi @elijahpo

    Sorry for the trouble
    We found a problem with some of your glyphs (about 3 glyphs) and had to remove them. They were glyphs with invalid Unicode value you have added to your glyphs set. please, when adding glyphs make sure their Unicode value is valid, or use some existing empty glyphs to create your own special characters.

    You should now be able to generate and download your RounddIDid project.
    Please report if you need further assist!

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    @fontark-editor Thanks!

    Fontark has an amazing support team, you responded so fast!

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    You’re most welcome!

    Your font is really cool, I recommend you watch the Type design fundamental videos we have made to make it even better…

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