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    Can I use fonts that I have created with Fontark for commercial work, such as logo? Is there any restrictions from Fontark or requirements about how much font should be changed from original skeleton,so that my clients and I don’t get in trouble if anyone make similar font, or in case that there is any rule that I don’t know about? 🙂

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    Hi sorry for the delay in response!

    Basically anything you create with Fontark and download is your property and you have full copyrights on it. (therefore you can use it for any purpose, commercial or not (but legal!)).

    Fontark’s templates are there for you to use. You don’t have to worry about the amount of change you made to it, basically, you can use it as it is and no one should be complaining.

    When you create something, you should always, no matter the tool you’ve used to create it, be cautious about creating something too similar to an existing creation of someone else, so there’s no difference regarding this with Fontark.

    Of course, it’ll be best if you modify the ready templates and create something unique which is less likely to be done before or by someone else and much easier to be copyrightly protected.

    But even in case that you have created a font straight from one of Fontark’s templates, without any modifications, and let’s say that 10 other users have done so too, I’d say that all of you have the right to use it and can’t sue each other for copyrights violations, since the majority of the font design comes from the template and it’s rights ate granted for the users. It will be like using an open source font.

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