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    Dear fontark,

    Really enjoyed using your app. However when generating and downloading the font,
    it is not the spiral font I spent time on. now I lost a credit for nothing, and cannot use the new font.
    I really don’t know what went wrong.
    (its a hebrew font)


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    What is your project name? I will check it out.
    Don’t worry for the credits, if you’ll need some more we will refill it for you.

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    Hi fontark-editor,

    The project name is spiral.

    Thanks and have a good day


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    Found it.

    The main reason for not receiving the spiral effect you expected is that you have created the spiral circles in the Skeleton layer, while the Outline width is 40, this creates a thick “doughnut” around each skeleton circle, and when the circles are stacked one on top of each other, you receive one big black shape.

    In order to get the desired result you need to reduce the Outline width to minimum so it will create a very thin line around the Skeleton. I recommend something like 5 units.

    There are several other issues you are not aware of and better understand before spending too much efforts. I recommend watching the video guides in the home page, and more than that… Get a personal demo, in which you will be given direct assist with learning the basics of working with Fontark.

    You can contact us on Skype and get help. (in Hebrew as well)
    Skype user name: fontark

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