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    Hi 🙂
    I keep having the following bug: Sometimes (I still haven’t figured out when or why this happens), the outlines just stop adjusting to the skeleton. When I move the lines or nodes around, the outlines stay “frozen” and don’t move with the skeleton like they should. Drawing new nodes and lines also results in nothing. So far reloading the project helped, I could even save it in the buggy state and when I reloaded it and moved the affected lines around, the outlines would adjust to them and everything was fine.
    I just had that bug again, so I saved my project and reloaded it, but now it loads endlessly at glyph 8 (which is the one I worked on when the bug occured). Is my project broken now or are you able to reset that character so that it will load again? The project name is Ryka. Help! 🙁

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    Hi Shivallon,

    Yes, usually we can reset the problematic glyph in such cases, I’ll let you know when it’s fixed and you can reload your project.

    If you could detect when the Skeleton-Outline detachment happen that would help us prevent it.
    Notice if it has something to do with the Undo and/or Delete Node operations, for example… Udno after deleting a Node or several Nodes.

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    OK it’s fixed now. You had two corrupted glyphs and we reset them. You should now be able to load your project.

    It’s recommended to save copies (save as) in important stages of the design!

    Let me know if it’s working for you!

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    Sorry, I’ve mistakenly deleted your previous reply :S.

    OK, great.
    Try to avoid Undoing add/delete Nodes for now, there’s a known bug with that operation and we’re taking care of it.
    If you drew a Node and regret it just delete it rather than use the Undo etc’.

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    Still an issue 🙁
    I’ll try and identify when it starts and meanwhile I’ll avoid using undo.

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    I was just editing the “5” in the basic rounded font (3rd template in the list). I was moving the skeleton nodes on the middle cross-bar from one row of SX to the one below. On moving the third (placing the last one on the same level as the next right adjacent node) the outline failed to update.

    Doing a bit of testing: from a clean launch of Fontark, then new font, then 7×7 rounded, then if I immediately edit the 5 and try to move the right-most node on the middle cross-bar (395, 545) and use the edit path tool to move it (395, 370) the outline fails to update.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks a lot for spotting this. Something is wrong with that template, it happened to me with other letters as well while moving Nodes down to a new SX row. We’ll check it out!
    Cleaning your browser’s cash is recommended.

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    If you still want to use that template you can load it and delete the 5 and draw it again, it seems to work fine afterwards.

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