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    Creating a line with Fontark is simple, since we work with a skeleton, drawing a two Nodes path creates a line that function with the Outline generator, but since you can’t draw a single Node how can you create the i’s dot for example?

    The best method to do it is to draw a two Nodes path with only 1 unit distance between the two Nodes on the x or y axis.
    You can attach both Nodes to the same SX so they’ll move together with Matrix changes.

    If you turn on the SX snap, attaching the Nodes to one SX will result with both SXs on the same position (i.e. x-200 y-500) and no Outline will be generated, You can than select one of the Nodes and move it one unit to one of the sides, for example x-201 y-500, and you’ll get that dot showing with the right outline width, defaultly as a square and as a circle when changing the caps to round-caps.

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    The best thing I found was to make a line that’s only one or two pixels long, and then select it and change its edges to round.

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    That’s right.
    A line made of two Nodes, set them 1 unit apart on the x or y axis and if you change the Cap-style to Rounded, you get a “dot”.

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