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    If one of your glyphs got damaged and you wish to reset it You can delete the glyph and add it again.

    1. Select the glyph you want to delete (when selected the glyph’s background turns red)
    2. Make sure that only the glyph you want to delete is selected.
    3. In order to add the glyph again Copy the Unicode value of the glyph.
    4. Open the Glyphs dialog.
    5. Click Remove to delete the selected glyph.

    To add the glyph again:

    6. Paste the Unicode value of the glyph in the “Character code” input, and click “Enter”! (“Return” if mac) – This will change the Unicode to hex (U+0039 to 0x0039) and a preview of the character will show up.
    7. Click ADD and the new empty glyph will appear at the end of the glyphs row.


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     Jayse Hansen 

    Wow! How about just a simple a ‘reset glyph’ button?

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     Jayse Hansen 

    This also adds it to the end of the list – how can I add it back in the place where it was before removing it?

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     Jayse Hansen 

    The new glyph doesn’t seem to work like the other glyphs. I add a skeleton and double clicked – but the width slider doesn’t work on it. Frustrating way to work.

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    We will add a Reset glyph button soon.
    For now, if you need your new glyph back in it’s original position please send me a personal message with your project name and we will reposition it for you.

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    Along the same lines as Jayse: It would be interesting to have a built-in feature to reorganize glyph ordering – I know ultimately it doesn’t matter as they are all bound to Unicode anyway but it would be visually pleasing to those of us with OCD in order to group or position Glyphs within our workspace however we would like them.

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    @musicalsamurai Nice Idea indeed.

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