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    In response to @blackninja50 on another topic, here’s my attempt to create the letters A and X of the Candara font, with Fontark.

    First, since Candara comes with Microsoft OS, if you use one, you can display Candara at the background of the glyphs work area with the Watermatk feature (1).

    Things to notice…
    (1) Candara set on the Watermark panel
    (2)(3) Extra nodes along the A’s diagonals
    (4) Connect the A’s top to only one SX by adding a middle Node to the top segment of the A
    (5) Use Butt cap style when sharp caps are needed. (Position the handels perpendicularly for an aligned edges)

    (6) Not all nuances are achievable within the Skeleton layer, such as the small radiuses in the X’s cross, this, and any other unique detail should be kept for the late stages of the font design, and done either in the Outline layer, or with an external font editor after downloading the font .

    You can Right-click on the images and select Open image in a new tab, to see it in full res.

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    Thanks for the help! It worked well.

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