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    Hey! Does anyone have any tips/tricks to creating a humanist sans-serif font or LogoType? For those of you who don’t know what a humanist typeface is:

    “… humanist fonts tend to look more like they are done by a human hand, with a natural, organic expanding and contracting of the strokes as if the letters were drawn calligraphically. They tend to have an axis that resembles calligraphy that is drawn at an angle with a pen nib.”
    Excerpt From What is a Humanist Typeface?

    Humanist sans-serif typefaces tend to have a tapered look in the middle of a stroke, such as Candara, one of my personal favorite fonts: Candara Sample Candara Sample Lorem Ipsum

    I am wondering if there is a good way to create these in FontArk. I believe I know how, but I am wondering if anyone has a better idea.

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    Show me an image of a letter for example, and I’ll try to ocnstruct it and show you.

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    Okay, thank you for the quick reply. I will send you an example soon. Quick question: do images show up on your end? On mine the images I post appear as just the image icon and the description.

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    Huh. Sorry about that!

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    Sorry for the late reply! Does this sample work?

    Latin Capital G, Candara by Microsoft Corporation.

    I thought the “G” was a nice example that could more or less easily be done in FontArk.;D

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      I’ve fixed the image URL in your post.
      You have to copy the exact image URL, normaly with an image ending (.jpg, .png etc’)
      Best way to get it is by right clicking an image and selecting “Open image in a new tab”, then when a tab with only the image is opened, simply copy the URL from the address line in the browser.

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    Okay, thank you. I just copied the link straight from the source. Sorry, for some reason my G sample didn’t save.:D

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