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    Would be curious how you can achieve a perfect round curve or bend on the glyphs?
    Something like this:Infinity Font.

    You can see a dotted line circles in red within the glyphs for reference…
    The current way of adjusting the curve to a perfect round/bend seems to be by trial-and-error. Would it be easier if user can input the numeric value for the curve threshold?…

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    Hi jch2140
    To achieve a perfect round curve you need to place the handles at 0.552 of the curve’s radius, which is a bit more than half.

    There isn’t a way to do it absolutely accurate at the moment, but we’re going to release soon a new feature for this purpose, it’ll not be in the form of a numeric input, but in the form of a snap-able point, representing the “perfect round” position of the handle, and it’ll help creating perfect arcs of any sector of circle.

    Later on we will release even easier and more sophisticated tools for rounding corners and creating nice curves.

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