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    I have a project that I’ve been working on all day, TersiveScript. I have saved and loaded it multiple times. But now it fails to load. It gets to 63/94 and then just spins and spins, but never goes beyond that point. I’m guessing there is some bad glyph in it. But what can I do to get it to load now? Can you do something on your end?
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    Yes, we’re fixing it for you, It’ll be ready soon…. I’ll let you know when.

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    It should be ok now, please try to load it

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    Yes, it loads great now. What was the problem? And are you working on a fix so that this kind of problem doesn’t happen again? Thanks for saving my work!

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    Some error occurred in that glyph, we had to manually correct it. There are some edge cases that cause such problems and we’re hunting them down. For now it is recommended to back up your work by saving copies quite often. We hope these issues will be behind us soon.
    Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the patience!
    My demo offer to you is still on 🙂

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