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    looking at this forum, this appears to be a common issue, so i’m hoping i can get my P glyph reset. the project’s name is “cool” since i haven’t thought of a better name yet.
    this place seems pretty dead, but i’ll take my chances if it means i don’t have to do all my work over.
    thanks in advance!

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    disregard! there seems to be no way to delete my post, but i’ve found a solution! i’ve deleted the loading overlay using uBlock Origin (though this can likely be done with inspect element), and i was then able to click on the “glyphs” button and remove the letter P on my own! all i had to do from then was save my project under a different name. hopefully this can help anybody passing by!

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    Cool workaround!
    Did you add back the letter P afterwards?

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    yes, from there on i haven’t had any more issues, but none of the glyphs that were supposed to load in after capital P remained, so i had to add them back too. luckily i was working from left to right so i didn’t lose anything important.

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    Oh, so none of the glyphs after P’ didn’t load at all, that’s bad. Glyph jamming can happen in advance stages of the work when all the glyphs are drawn!

    Luckily, when getting used to work with Fontark it rarely happens. The key to prevent glyphs errors is to work gently, never double-click! and be precise.
    And anyway… always save versions after significant progress.

    We can rescue your projects when there are glyph errors, but it is always better to be able to go back to a previous save few steps back than to worry about losing your work while waiting for your support call to be answered (and it will 🙂

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