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    I am having a few weird bugs with the Preview feature. In my latest copy of the font I am working on, The_Gahron_Chronicles_Font_B9, I have especially noticed weird results when using the letter ‘O’, and even more so when it is next to the letters ‘R’, ‘N’, and ‘S’. With these letters, and sometimes others, they will revert to the look of the original template when typed in certain orders. Is this an issue with my font? If so, will the issue carry over to the final coding? If this has a quick fix, I would love to know how.

    The number ‘4’ is also behaving oddly in the preview window for this font. There must be at least two ‘4’s in a line of text otherwise they revert to a slightly earlier form before when I fixed the outline to avoid a small line jutting out.

       Additionally, I have a font named Phi_Problems. When trying to create a modified version of the Greek letter, phi, I ran into a strange issue where the right side of the circle will fold over itself, like a twisted ribbon, in the preview window. I did find a work around for this issue by having three non-intersecting segments. Even so, I thought it might be something useful for you, the developers, to see and so I put it into a font file.

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    Hi Legojedi,
    The preview problems are known issues, and they are caused by a recent change Google made to the way Chrome is displaying fonts… After that change, Chrome doesn’t reload the font for a certain font size that has been used with this font before. This is a very strange strategy and this is where the problem is with the preview.

    So if you have watched your project in the preview, at, for example, 24px 36px and 72px, next time you will use the preview it will display the first in-browser-saved version of the font for these font sizes!

    The annoying temporary walk around is not to repeat the same font size in the preview after modifying the font… so next time display it at 25px 37px and 73px, ot pt/em etc’.

    About the Phi problem, this is an outline calculating bug, it may happen when the bezier handles of a curve are parallel, like in a half circle curve, and in some other edge cases, you better use 3 nodes to create half a circle instead of 2, so your walk around was smart!

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    and after a while, reloading the browser clears all the saved font data.

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    Thanks for the info! I’ll keep this in mind while working with fonts in the future.

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    You’re welcome!

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