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     Saronin Jayhart 

    Thought I’d make this since it din’t already exist and I had some myself.

    1). Allow us to set our own categories for Glyphs when we’re using Unicode Characters from the Public Use Area. As a fantasy author I’ve been searching for a program to use for my conlang and finally found FontArk. When working on a four hundred glyph language, it would be nice if I could divide them into categories similar to upper case and lower case.

    2). Allow us to manually reorganize glyphs, or at least those in the Public Use Area.

    3). Allow us to copy Glyphs. Sometimes Glyphs have the same basic outline, but different curves, so being able to copy and paste them would be nice.

    Anyone else should feel free to put down their own suggestions as well now that this thread exists.

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    Thanks for starting this thread SJ!

    For now Fontark don’t have wide “handling glyphs” capabilities, our main focus at this stage is developing the design tools in order to make the actual glyphs design process as easy and fast as possible.
    I recommend using other font editors (such as FontForge) for the purpose of naming, renaming and duplicating glyphs etc’.
    Use Fontark for the major design work, and use FF for the “arrangement” and finalisation of the font.

    If I’d like to categorise my glyphs I would have create several projects in which I’d use the basic Upper-case and Lower-Case Fontark grouping to all categories needed, and rename the glyphs outside Fontark after finishing the design work.

    We’ll be happy to assist with any aspect of operating Fontark and final font production knowledge and techniques at any time,
    Feel free to PM me for direct assistance!


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