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    Started fooling around with the FontArk edditor, and oh my God it’s been only an hour and my experience with it it’s been flat out terrible.

    Maybe its my pc, but here are some nasty things about this. I know it’s in beta, but in the videos it looks very responsive.

    1. Want to undo something? Too bad, you can’t. Let’s assume you placed a node in the wrong place. You will have to suck on it because pressing Z won’t do the job. Doing so will make your skeleton dissapear from time and space, and using the arrows in the bottomxd won’t do anything. Plus it will also select the Zoom tool. Guess what I have to do to solve that; close the tab, and start over.

    2. Want to delete an undesired skeleton part? You can… sometimes… maybe… it’s confusing.

    3. You want to zoom in? Use the zoom tool. You want to zoom out? Too bad, you can’t, at least not in an intiuitive way. You can zoom out, but you will scale everything while doing so. If you wan’t to soom out you have to click the button “Fit”.

    And that’s all I can remember. I don’t wish to keep using my time on this. If someone told me “Do you recommend using FontArk Beta?”, I without hesitation I tell them “F**k no”.

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    Hi, and very sorry for your bad experience with Fontark 🙁
    We also appreciate you taking the time to write and tell us what made you struggle with the tool!!!

    The things you mention are definitely a pain in the *ss usability problems many users don’t overcome, unfortunately fixing it will take a lot of development time we can’t afford at this point.
    Fortunately though, these issues are pretty easy to deal with, and you won’t ran into them, once you get used to the correct way of operating Fontark, and all are very simple in nature.

    Considering the grate advantages of Fontark’s core features and the ease and speed of work it enables, it may be worthwhile to invest some time in learning to work with it, after all it will save you endless work along the road.

    On April I have made a special week-long demonstration of Fontark’s capabilities in “A font a day week” event we made in which I have created a brand new typeface(in several weights!) from scratches to official release, each and every day of that week! This is something no one have done before nor could even dream of doing and was of-course possible only because of Fontark’s new methods and capabilities, as it is now, with it’s beta issues.

    We have published all about that event here:

    This is a link to a video of the making of the second day’s font, edited to 30 min clip and shows how fluent the work on it was:

    In case you’d like to give it another try, I strongly recommend you to contact me here anytime and schedule a free personal demonstration, in which I’ll guide you through the main functionality and best practices with the tool that will get you on track much faster.


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