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     Jayse Hansen 

    It just seems to undo the last skeleton change – or something random, and often seems to freeze the system, especially if I’ve made a global change across a full set of characters.

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    Yes, not every action is undo-able yet, Outlline editing for example, sorry for that.
    There is a small Reset-Sliders button near each Outline slider, sometimes it is better to reset the Outline and tweak it again.

    Freezing is most probably a performance issue, try to edit no more than 2 glyphs rows simultaneously to avoid that.

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     Jayse Hansen 

    Thanks – using the rest outlines a lot.

    Undo also seems odd when drawing – it undoes quite a lot of steps – rather than undoing the last line drawn, like you’d expect – it goes all the way back – many steps back. Hard to draw precisely this way.

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    We will rework the Undo functionality soon.

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