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    Hello. Does any one know if there is a way to add variations on glyphs in the FontArk Editor? Some fonts (e.g. Nasalization by Typodermic Fonts, image below) have variations on characters. I am making a sci-fi/techno font that needs variations on the A. Is there a way to do this?Image: Nasalization by Typodermic Fonts on

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    Practically not. But you can draw with Fontark all the variations of the letters (In different projects (save-as), or a dedicated project)
    Then after generating and downloading the fonts, you could combine and code the alternate glyphs with some other font editor as FontForge.
    We didn’t yet develop support to OpenType features.

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    Thank you for the quick reply! That is perfectly fine, and do-able. I am going to install FontForge soon. Perhaps I could save the variation one as a LogoType?

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    That’s an option indeed.
    With the Logotype mode you can edit only several selcted glyphs, instead of working on the entire glyphs set.

    For eample if you want to create 4 variations of A, 4 variatons of a, and 3 variations of G,
    You can type AAAAaaaaGGG when you create the Logotype project and work only on those glyphs.

    Notice that ater you’ll generate the Logotype project as a font, the Glyphs you created will be stored instead the capital letters: ABCDEFGH… !!!

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    Yes, thank you! Sorry for the late reply. I love the idea of Logotype mode, as I write books and this is actually the primary reason I do fonts work.

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