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    That’s the place to detect and examine Bugs.

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    I have snap to grid mode turns on but the points aren’t really snapping to the grids as it has a slight angle away from the grid lines… Hope it can be fixed soon

    Snapping to vertical lines (under snap to Matrix mode) works though

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    @jch02140 The “Grid” and the “Matrix” are two different things!
    The visible blue vertical and horizontal lines are the Matrix! if you toggle snap to Matrix mode this will snap the Nodes to the Matrix.
    The Grid at the moment is invisible! you can’t see it, and can’t turn it on or of, but it’s there. Our grid right now is a 5 points grid, that means that if you work with snap to Grid mode your Nodes will be moved with 5 points intervals (even though the grid is invisible).

    We will add the grid lines and more grid options soon, to make it more usable.

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