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    FontArk represent for the first time Automatic Outline generation and real time Glyph synchronization.
    We’ve put a lot of effort developing these features and we’d love to know what you think about it.

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    Looking nice, but should be able to import something that I’ve created in Illustrator as hairlines and tweak it in FontArk.

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    @neogrey Thanks!

    We will add import option in the near future, the thing is that in order to edit all your imported Illustrator lines together in sync you’ll have to connect the strokes to the SmartXs (the grey circles)… it’ll be faster for you to draw them all in FontArk directly to the SXs, it’ll worth the effort! 🙂

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    Are there any plans to allow bigger than 7×7 grid?
    Also, it would be great if extended latin codepages are supported.

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    @jch02140 Yes, Latin extended support is on our roadmap and will be added in the coming months.
    Bigger than 7×7 grid may be supported after the beta version, but even now you’re not limited to the SmartX’s grid, there’s no need to connect each of your path’s Nodes to the SmartXs, use the SmartXs only to connect parts of the characters you’d like to be in sync, and you can make a complex path between 2 SmartXs, see attached image.

    The thing is that “free” Nodes don’t move when SmartXs move at the moment, so you’ll get a distortion when you’ll move the Matrix lines for example, but this can be fixed quite easily by adjusting the free Nodes manually in one glyph, and all the other selected glyphs will be adjusted automatically.

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     Ricky Gallo 

    Brand new and very entushiast user, I love playing with fonts. I found fontArk powerful and flexible as a tool should be, however there are some minor issues due to the beta and I haven’t found a way to send a bug report, so looking forward this feature and waiting for the first stable release. There will be desktop version in the future ?

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    Hi Ricky, and welcome!
    The place to report bugs is the Bugs section in the Support forum:


    Our Beta phase is taking small steps for variuos reasons, we’re sorry for that.
    No plans for a desktop version at the moment.

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    Just signed up, but can’t seem to begin a
    project?! Every page (or link) I click,
    sends me to another explanation or tutorial…?
    This site had a couple good reviews on google, however it seems to be anything but useful & user friendly.

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      Yeah, as it’s in its Beta stage it is stable but still a little bit messy. Here’s how you open the editor:
      1. Go to either the main page, by clicking Introduction, or the logo. You can also go to your profile and click this here.
      FontArk Main Page Profile Launch

      2. Click “New Project”. Click the New Project button.

      3. Decide whether or not you want a template. If you do not want a template, select “Custom” and then enter the matrix size (from 3×3 to 7×7).

      4. Name your project. Click Save.

      5. Your project is now saved! Start editing it. If you have troubles, just go to Forums: Tips & Tricks or Forums: Support Forums: Getting Started. You can also email the FontArk Editor.

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      Sorry, the images don’t seem to be posting properly.;D Don’t worry, if you follow the instructions you’ll get it though.

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