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    Is there any particular reason the matrix is locked to 7×7? I am trying to build a font to display the following characters:
    These use a grid of 9×11. I decided to use fontark because of the fancy features you tout, but I guess what i’m trying to do is impossible on this platform because you decided to limit the matrix to 3×3 and 7×7.

    Guess I’ll use birdfont. It’s slow, full of bugs, lacking features, wholy inferior to fontark in many ways, and yet it’s the tool that can actually get the job done…

    filing this under ‘yet again programs trying to be too smart for their own good’

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    Hi, The Matrix is limited to 7×7 due to performance limitations, yet in most cases this is more than enough (for instance in your characters example I see no need for more than 6 Matrix lines).

    The Matrix don’t have to hold all the path’s Nodes and can differ from glyph to glyph. It doesn’t function as a Grid (There is a regular, snapable and configurable Grid in addition to the Matrix).

    If you’d like to I will gladly show you how to work with it, it’s like nothing out there.

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