These are the FontArk’s unique core features enabling multiple character editing

learn these basic principles and you’re ready to go.


The SmartX(sx)


The Skeleton


The Matrix



The SmartX system enable the connection of all font’s characters

SXs are smart points that are mutual to all the font glyphs. By connecting the Skeleton path to the SXs you define which parts of the characters will be modified at the same time.

The Skeleton is the center line of the character

The Skeleton eliminates the need to draw the character’s Outline, Simply draw the character’s center line and the Outline will be generated automatically. Change the Outline width of the entire font with a simple slider.

The Matrix Is a fluid grid associated with the SmartXs

The blue lined grid enables moving the SmartXs easily and changing the font’s global and internal proportions. Drag the blue dots on the left and bottom to change the Matrix lines position.

Easy multiple character selecting

FontArk’s Character selecting method enables fast and flexible edit of a single, groups or the entire set of characters.

The Workflow


Start FontArk

Choose Font or Logotype mode
Select a template or start with a clean custom project
Set the size (3×3 to 7×7 available)


Draw/Edit character’s Skeleton

Use the draw tool and draw your characters from SmartX to SmartX and create your special character connections. Or modify the existing template Skeleton.


Select the characters to modify

With FontArk you can edit one, several or all of the characters at the same time.
Before you perform an editing operation, select the characters you’d like to imply the operation on.

Click on the upper grey part of the characters to modify (selected character’s background is colored pink)

Click on the lower red part of the character to make it appear in the work area.



Just the basic path editing tools, but on the entire font at once.

unique! Change the Matrix proportions
unique! Edit the SmartXs
– Change Segment type
– Add/Delete nodes
– unique! Change Outline width (sroke/font weight)
– Outline  final details editing


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